De La Hoya: Only One Redeeming Thing About May/Mac

Oscar De La Hoya saw something redeeming in Mayweather-McGregor after all.

The former world champion turned promoter spoke with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith  on Smith’s nationally syndicated radio show Tuesday  and said that that Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s technical-knockout victory over Conor McGregor at least made more people pay attention to boxing than usual.

De La Hoya was  one of the most public critics of Mayweather-McGregor, going as far to release a profanity laden tweet prior to the weigh-ins for the fight which took place on August 26th.


“Well, I mean, look, I think the only good thing that happened with Mayweather and McGregor is that more people saw boxing,” De La Hoya told Smith. “You know? Which is great for the sport, and what I can tell those people is that, ‘Look, if you wanna see a real fight now, then tune in to September 16th… I mean, the reason why I keep pushing this fight is because, like you said, this is a real fight. This is a middleweight fight that – we haven’t seen this type of a fight take place in a long time. You have two top guys, two knockout guys, they don’t know how to take a step going backwards. They’re in the best shape of their life, they’re gonna bring out the best of each other and it’s gonna be a war.”

De La Hoya has billed Golovkin-Alvarez as “the real fight” since Mayweather-McGregor was announced in mid-June, about five weeks after both fighters confirmed that they would finally face off on September 16.

When asked by Smith, De La Hoya explained that he looks at this as not only the fight’s promoter, but as a boxer.

“I’m speaking the truth… “I laced up the gloves and I know for a fact that this is gonna be a classic. This is gonna be a – I talk to my partner, Bernard Hopkins, and he tells me, ‘Look, this is a great thing we’re doing at Golden Boy Promotions. We’re giving the fight fans the exact fight that they’ve been wanting for a while now.’ And this is exactly what boxing needs, especially after the Mayweather-McGregor fight.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene.

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