De La Hoya Paid With His Own Money For GGG Rematch

Even though Oscar De La Hoya claimed the rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was “dead” last week, he claims he went into his own pockets to revive it.

Speaking with TMZ Sports on Monday, the Golden Boy promoter claimed that with there being a stall in the negotiations, De La Hoya reached into his own pocket to come up with the money to get Golovkin on-board for a September 15th rematch in Las Vegas.

“Tough negotiation, man. With all the controversy with Canelo testing positive for clenbuterol,” De La Hoya told TMZ this week.”…In Mexico Canelo’s bigger than ever and more popular than ever because clenbuterol in Mexico, it’s normal. It’s like nothing’s regulated over there, so when you eat meat you’re gonna have it in your system.

“So now the country wants Canelo to really knockout GGG, so this fight is gonna be even bigger.

“Canelo has the lion’s share of the purse for obvious reasons. I mean he’s the draw, he’s the sell, and so look, Canelo can fight two times and make just as much money as fight Golovkin, and Golovkin has to fight like 15 times to make what he’s gonna make for Canelo.”

De La Hoya claimed that he couldn’t let a fight of this magnitude fall by the wayside. “I couldn’t let this fight fall apart. I actually came out with my own money to bridge the gap and make this fight happen so, hey, I’m down a few dollars but it’s alright.”

“I mean, look, GGG wanted more, a bigger piece of the pie, it was a matter of a few million dollars. I couldn’t get it from Canelo’s side because he was gonna stick to his guns on how much he’s making, so I had to come up with the difference. And for the fans. I had to do it for the fans. And for myself, I wanna see this fight!”

Source: TMZ Sports

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