De La Hoya Refuses To Give GGG An Even Split For Canelo

Oscar De La Hoya, who is not known for holding his tongue, claims that no opponent, even Gennady Golovkin, deserves a 50-50 split with Canelo Alvarez.

De La Hoya, who promotes Alvarez, claims that he and his fighter will not budge on a deal agreed with Golovkin’s team for their originally scheduled May 5th fight, even though the fight was postponed due to Alvarez testing positive for a PED.

Golovkin and his team seem to look at the failed test as enough leverage to force an even split for a September fight in Las Vegas.

“I’ll never make a 50-50 deal when it involves Canelo. It’s impossible, De La Hoya claimed to Boxing Scene. “When people say the A-side, its means the people he can pull in, the numbers that he can draw without having a Triple G on the B-side. Canelo can fight a [Daniel] Jacobs and do a 750-800,000 homes easy [on pay-per-view],”

“Why give [50-50 to] a fighter who fights only for a million dollars, and fights a Vanes Martirosyan and does ratings that are not really to par to what Canelo does.”

De La Hoya feels like that Daniel Jacobs could be a perfect replacement for Golovkin, but is looking to find a compromise.

“We can walk away too, no big deal. We will just go fight the guy who gave Golovkin a lot of trouble, Danny Jacobs,” De La Hoya said.

“We have to find a middle-ground, for the sake of boxing, for the sake of Canelo, for the sake of Triple. Everybody wants to see this fight.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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