De La Hoya Sends Cease-And-Desist To Canelo – Claiming Defamation

Oscar De La Hoya has sent Canelo Alvarez a cease-and-desist letter, citing ‘defamation.’

De La Hoya took action following Alvarez’s statements at the pre-fight presser for the Jaime Munguia fight. Oscar fired verbal shots at Canelo, telling him the role Golden Boy had in building his brand. The promoter also referenced Alvarez’s previous failed tests in an attempt to get under his skin. De La Hoya finished his comments by telling Canelo to put some ‘respect’ on his name. Alvarez accused De La Hoya of attempting to steal some money from him. Oscar has now responded via his attorney.

“He said this outrageous lie not once, but several times – both in English and Spanish – and it has now been re-published to millions around the world. The legal implications of such blatantly false allegations..It’s defamatory … to accuse someone of a crime [and] to make false statements specifically designed to injure someone’s business. Canelo did both of those things [Wednesday].

“He falsely accused Oscar of a crime with the specific intention of supposedly warning other boxers not to do business with Oscar or Golden Boy. Clearly, Canelo intentionally defamed Oscar and Golden Boy. We also demand that Canelo immediately retract his defamatory allegations that Oscar stole from boxers. Oscar and Golden Boy reserve all rights to sue Canelo for the damages caused by these defamatory accusations, including punitive damages designed to ensure Canelo learns his lesson,” Ricardo Cestero (De La Hoya’s attorney)

Canelo’s attorney, Gregory M. Smith, has responded. Alvarez’s camp brought up evidence to back up their claims. Following an audit of Golden Boy, Smith claims there were funds owed to Canelo. Smith also mentioned GGG suing De La Hoya over unpaid sums in 2022 for $3 million.

“Following the termination of his relationship with Golden Boy, Alvarez audited Golden Boy’s payments and deductions under his prior contracts. The audit found that Alvarez was owed money. Court records show that GGG also audited Golden Boy and found that he had also been underpaid. GGG then sued Golden Boy for the missing funds,” Gregory M. Smith revealed 


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