De La Hoya Urges Ryan Garcia to Honor His Contract, ‘King Ryan’ Earns $30 Million From The ‘Tank Davis’ Fight

Oscar De La Hoya opened up about his relationship with Ryan Garcia as the pair currently navigate a lawsuit. 

Following allegations that his contract was not enforceable, Garcia responded by informing Golden Boy via a letter that his agreement had been breached.

According to Garcia, his contract allowed him to box on pay-per-view regardless of the network after signing with the promotional company in 2016.

However, for his fight with Gervonta Davis, Garcia was reportedly informed that it must also be broadcast on DAZN due to a separate agreement with Golden Boy.

As tensions escalated, both sides filed a lawsuit defending their positions. In addition, Garcia and De La Hoya clashed when the former expressed dissatisfaction with his promoter’s absence at his post-fight presser with Davis.

De La Hoya defended himself, citing death threats as the reason for his absence. But for all the criticism coming his way, De La Hoya wanted Garcia to abide by his contract.

After all, Garcia did make $30 million from his fight with ‘Tank Davis,’ indicating he had been compensated well. 

“We have a lawsuit right now. I’m not suing him for money. He’s not suing me for money. I just want him to honor my contract. That’s it. Just honor the contract; that’s it.

“You have obligations. I want [Garcia] to fight, I want [Garcia] to be a legend. Do you think I wanted him to fight Tank Davis with a rehydration clause? Hell, no. I’m looking out for him, but he has people whispering in his ear.

“‘Oh, Oscar is bad. Oh, go with this other promoter, who will take care of you more. You’ll make more money.’ Well guess what? Ryan just made $30 million-plus dollars [for the Davis fight],” De Lay Hoya

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