Deiveson Figueiredo, Brandon Moreno Meet For Fourth Fight At UFC 283

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brendon Merino 4 is officially confirmed.

One of the best rivalries in the history of the flyweight division will go down on January 21 in Rio.

Flyweight champion Figueiredo and interim champ Moreno have fought four times, but still, some fans have said that they can’t say who is the better fighter.

Figueiredo is famous for his punching power and his outstanding Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills. That’s why Moreno was a heavy underdog in that bout.

In the first round of the first fight, Figueiredo had his moments, but used all his energy to knock out Moreno. However, Figueiredo He survived. He won two rounds. Also, Figueiredo lost the point because of an illegal kick.

The dramatic battle ended as a draw.

In the second bout, Moreno easily defeated the Brazilian champion. He became the champion.

However, things changed again in the last battle they held.

Some fans expected Figueiredo to waste all his energy in the very first round to earn the finish, but he chose a different strategy.

He earned the victory after five rounds.

The fourth battle was just a matter of time.

Kai-Kara France was another contender on the list, but Moreno defeated him for the interim title fight and guaranteed himself as the next challenger once again.

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