Del Rio Explains One-Night Return to MMA

Alberto Del Rio (aka Alberto El Patron — real name Alberto Rodriguez) says his association with, and support from, Combate Americas helped lure him to a one-night comeback against Tito Ortiz.

Known as Dos Caras Jr. before late 2010, Del Rio competed in MMA 14 times, going 9-5, which includes two appearances with PRIDE and competing against Mirko Cro Cop. Del Rio is better known as a professional wrestling star, which includes two stints in WWE, and winning world titles in the WWE, Impact Wrestling and CMLL.

El Patron has been both an executive and commentator for Combate Americas, but at 42 years old, he had no intention of returning to MMA action. But when the offer came along, the treatment he has received from the promotion — especially during the time of a messy divorce — helped win him over.

“I keep saying this — I’m doing it for the right reasons,” Del Rio said. ‘No. 1, because the company Combate Americas, we’re killing it. We’re killing the competition. We have amazing numbers, the ratings are fantastic. We are changing the face of the Latinos in MMA. I have a lot of Mexicans and Latinos looking up to me and me being a role model after all these years. I want to continue inspiring people in Latin America or Mexico or anywhere around the world.”

“I think this is really important — the main reason was my divorce was really difficult for me, for my life. The battle for the custody of my kids took a lot from me and it was a very difficult time in my life. The company, my bosses, they have been supporting me since day No. 1.

“When you go through things like that in your life, you start thinking about who are real friends, the real people that stood up for you in those difficult moments. Because I always say it’s easy to be friends with Alberto Del Rio in the spotlight, money, girls, fun, but to be Alberto Rodriguez’s friend, the real person, going through difficult times like other people out there, this company has been with me.”

Ortiz vs. Del Rio takes place on December 7 at the Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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