Demetrious Johnson Recalls His Toughest Opponent – ‘He Dropped Me Like Four Times’

Demetrious Johnson believes that a single former opponent surpasses all the others he has faced, as he gears up for Adriano Moraes in their trilogy on May 5th, 2023.

Johnson is often considered among the best competitors in the history of MMA. He has been a flyweight champion over thirteen times, as well as having a Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship.

While that may have been the case, one rival that he has faced stands out from any other. Step forward: John Dodson.

They faced each other on two occasions, and Johnson came out victorious in both, with unanimous decisions.

But the victory didn’t prevent Johnson from acknowledging the tough task that Dodson had provided him.

 “I’d probably say [John] Dodson. I actually enjoyed the Dodson one because Dodson was scary, he had something about him that when he would touch you, you’d drop.

The first time I fought him, he dropped me like four times, and then I beat him and then he went on that four-fight win streak, knocking people out,” Johnson


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