Demetrius Andrade Explains What Went Wrong For Billy Joe Saunders Against Canelo

WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade has shared his thoughts on Billy Joe Saunders’ defeat to Canelo Alvarez.

Andrade was inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to witness Canelo vs. Saunders. While Saunders found success in the fight, things took a turn for the worse in the eighth round. Canelo ended up damaging Saunders’ eye to the point where the British bruiser couldn’t make it to the ninth round.

Andrade spoke to and shared his belief that Saunders lacked a true blueprint to beating Canelo.

“I thought Billy Joe didn’t have a real game plan. He just came out, did his thing, and didn’t make any adjustments once he seen the things he was doing wasn’t working. He kept bending down low. Canelo kept throwing the same shot over and over, and he kept falling into it. Eventually, he got caught with it. Fighting Canelo, you know, you have to be more technically sound and, you know, work on your defense. He had no defense. He was pretty much hands down, wide open, trying to throw combinations.

“When he was pulling out, he was pulling out with his hands down. He just didn’t have any good defense and didn’t know how to adjust when he was inside the ring with Canelo. And Canelo did a good job because Canelo’s hands was up, he’s countering and he already know what shots to look for. He was throwing the same shots all night, and Billy Joe kept doing the same thing to keep himself in danger.”

Andrade has been angling for a fight with Canelo. He even crashed the post-fight press conference to call for a bout with the Mexican star. The two ended up trading heated barbs.

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