Demetrius Andrade Thinks GGG Needs More Money To Fight Him

Demetrius Andrade believes the checkbook will need to be opened up to entice Gennady Golovkin to fight him.

Andrade is scheduled to put his WBO Middleweight Championship on the line against Liam Williams. After that fight, he plans to move up to the super-middleweight division. Of course, those plans could be on hold if Andrade got a major name such as IBF and IBO Middleweight Champion Golovkin.

During an interview with, Andrade urged the movers and shakers at Matchroom to give Golovkin a bump in pay so the two can collide.

“I think you have to entice him with the money. He’s already showing he doesn’t wanna do it. He wants to wait for the third fight with Canelo. That’s what he’s waiting for. So, he’s gonna fight decent guys, OK guys, maybe not the most elite guys, because that’s what he’s looking for. Is it because of the money? I don’t know.”

Andrade went on to say that if Canelo’s bank account continues to grow, there’s no reason for “GGG” to be short-changed.

“Give him a little more to see if he wants to make the fight happen. That’s what it comes down to. The money’s there for these fights. You’re throwing all this money to Canelo and these guys. Yo, put it where it needs to be.”

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