Demi Lovato Earns BJJ Blue Belt

Coming off a weekend where she sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight, and a stunning performance at the MTV VMA’s within 24 hours, Demi Lovato has another accomplishment.

The Sorry, Not Sorry singer has received her blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this week, and it may be her favorite of the three accomplishments within the past seven days.

“I’m so beyond excited because I just received my blue belt in #brazilianjiujitsu!!!! I fell in love with #BJJ over a year ago and have been training several times a week ever since.”

Lovato has been seen on social media showcasing her growth in BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts under trainer Jay Glazer (yes, FOX’s NFL Insider).



Glazer sent his support as well on social media, saying

“I’m more proud of the work Demi puts in with nobody watching than I am what she does with the world watching… Congrats on achieving your blue belt today in #bjj, YOU put the grind in!”

On Elvis Duran’s nationally syndicated morning show, the Cool For The Summer artist proclaimed her love for MMA and jiu-jitsu, saying…

“I started training MMA, and a part of MMA is jiu-jitsu, so when I started learning I just fell in love with the sport … Being able to do the moves that you do and flow with people, it’s an art form and it’s really beautiful, and it takes my mind off of things that I stress about, [because] I’m constantly thinking: ‘What do I need to defend? What move can I make now?’ It’s like a game of chess.”

Much like other things the outspoken and honest artist, this is not just a “thing” for her to promote on social media, this is someone who cares and wants to become a true practitioner of martial arts. We cannot wait to see her growth!


Quotes sourced from: New York Post

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