Deontay Wilder Becomes Heavyweight World Champion – January 17, 2015 (This Day In Boxing History)

Seven years ago, Deontay Wilder did what no American had been able to do in years.

Wilder went the distance for the first time in his career – at this point – and defeated Bermane Stiverne, becoming the first American to hold a major heavyweight title since Shannon Briggs in 2007.

Fans thought Wilder, who was 32-1, 32 KOs at this point, would floor Stiverne like every other opponent, but he was unable to knock him down.

In their second meeting, in 2017, Wilder scored a devastating knockout in the first round.

Still, Wilder walked away with his first major title – a title he would hold for five years, from 2015 to 2020, over 10 successful title defenses.

That is until he met Tyson Fury. Their first fight ended in a split decision draw; Wilder was knocked out in the second and third fights.

Still, Wilder is regarded as one of the top active heavyweights.

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