Deontay Wilder Might Not Box Again

October 9 might have been the last time we saw Deontay Wilder fight in the ring.

Wilder admitted that he’s on the fence about boxing, he said during Kevin Hart’s show on the Laugh Out Loud Network.

“It’s mixed feelings because ultimately I have accomplished all my goals in this sport. I told my daughter when she was one that I’d be a champion and I’d be able to support her beyond her belief,” Wilder said.

Wilder previously said in a sit-down interview with his fiancé, Telli Swift, that he was going to resume training as soon as his broken hand healed, but that doesn’t seem to be a definite anymore.

Wilder lost in what many fans called one of the best heavyweight fights in recent years. The two giants traded hits; both being dropped at least twice.

But Fury caught him with a third when he was knocked out in the 11th round.

Wilder is a former heavyweight champion, carrying the WBC heavyweight title from 2015 to 2020 with 10 successful title defenses.

His co-manager, Shelly Finkel, said he expects the boxer to return to the ring in 2022.

“I’ve done [the things I promised to my daughter]. There’s a lot of things that I’ve accomplished that I feel I [don’t] have to prove [anything] to anyone because I’ve already proven [it to myself],” Wilder added.

“Should I push forward? Should I give it a go one more time? Or should I just retire and focus on the other things that I already have, other things that I want to get into?”

Wilder got into boxing for his daughter on a money hunt. He quit four jobs before he started boxing in October 2005 at Skyy Boxing Gym in Alabama.

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