Deontay Wilder Open To A Fourth Fight With Tyson Fury

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder expressed his desire to fight Tyson “The Gyspy King” Fury for a fourth time.

Wilder has had a long history with Fury inside and outside the octagon. Their rivalry has produced some thrilling contests in the past.

However, as the rivalry seems to have cooled down, many have thought about the possibility of them locking horns again. Wilder has accused Fury of cheating in their second fight, believing that the British boxer “loaded” his gloves.

If they come face-to-face again in a professional fight, Wilder says that there won’t be any hugs or smiles exchanged between the two of them.

“Nah, never, because I know the truth behind that,” Wilder told “I don’t condone cheating and s*** like that.”

Wilder responded to comments from analysts that suggested he should have called out the cheating to officials during the fight, saying, “why the f*** would I go to the authorities when I have an opportunity to release my own energy and put my hands up on him…and get paid millions of dollars doing it?”

When asked about fighting with Fury again, he said that he was open to doing so.

The American is set to come up in his first fight of the year against Robert Helenius on October 15 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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