Derek Chisora: Deontay Wilder Keeps Crying About Nonsense

Derek Chisora claims he attempted to reason with Deontay Wilder.

Wilder has been in the headlines as of late. “The Bronze Bomber” has garnered attention after breaking his silence on seemingly missing out on a trilogy fight against Tyson Fury. Wilder hurled accusations of cheating towards Fury. The former WBC Heavyweight Champion alleges that Fury was loading his gloves.

Chisora spoke to iFL TV and revealed that he reached out to Wilder in an attempt to get him to snap back to reality (via

“I sent him a message to be honest with you. I was like, ‘Listen bro, just dust yourself off man. Just get back in the ring.’ This whole thing of next minute you’re talking about black empowerment, this and this. This is the fight game. You lost the fight. You know what you do: brush yourself, bounce back, take your rematch.

“But he’s coming out with excuses. He [Fury] has this in his glove, he had that in his glove, water was spiked. Was the water spiked? How does he know the water was spiked? ‘Do you know what, who knows? This is why I carry my own water. I don’t trust no-one. I’m telling you, I bring my own water from my house and I bring the bottles and I wash them four times and I keep it in my room and that’s it.

“But he’s just coming up with excuses man. Bro, just take the fight, you got beat, everybody loses a fight, just come back. He keeps crying about this nonsense, I don’t know why.”

Chisora is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Oleksandr Usyk this past Saturday, October 31. Still, Chisora has already offered to fight Dillian Whyte a third time. Whyte recently saw his planned November 21 rematch with Alexander Povetkin have a change in date due to Povetkin’s positive COVID-19 test.

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