Derrick Lewis Claims He Wants Fight With Greg Hardy

Following the announcement that former NFL player and alleged domestic abuser, Greg Hardy, was entering  Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, one UFC star called Hardy out.

Derrick Lewis, who is preparing to face Francis Ngannou at UFC 226, told TMZ that, “I like knocking wife beaters out.”

.Lewis who spoke with TMZ on Wednesday, claimed that he’d like the opportunity to fight Hardy due to the claims that Hardy was abusive towards a girlfriend with claims that included throwing her onto a bed covered in guns.

Lewis claimed that the roles for Hardy would be reversed inside the Octagon.

“I’ll fight Greg Hardy … It’ll be like vice versa him beating on a woman. I’ll be beating him like he was a woman.”

Domestic violence hits the Texas native close to home because Lewis grew up dealing with the horrors of domestic abuse.

“I grew up watching my mom and my stepdad fight,” Lewis says … “Fistfighting every day for stupid stuff. I don’t tolerate stuff like that at all.”


Original Story: TMZ


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