Derrick Lewis Plans To Buy UFC

Derrick Lewis might be a terrifying personality inside the octagon but his sense of humor and aptitude to entertain the fans and the media personnel outside the octagon is none to the others.

Ahead of his main card fight with Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 277, the 37-year-old was back to his usual self-sharing laughter with the reporters in attendance and answering their questions in his typical mischievous style.

‘The Black Beast’ has always been honest about why he chooses to fight and what keeps him motivated in putting his body on the line. A homogeneous query was put in front of Lewis by one of the reporters in the pre-fight press conference held at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

“It’s still the money,” Lewis answered. “You know, sh-t, inflation. You seen the gas prices? Sh–t, what is it, $7, $6, something like that in Vegas?”

This answer was followed up by a playful question, inquiring about what Lewis would do if he wins the Mega Millions lottery to which ‘The Black Beast’ replied.

“Mega Millions, I’m gonna buy the UFC. Then I’m gonna talk so much sh-t to the reporters. I’m gonna dog your a– all the way you do us fighters.”

It was indeed just a pun intended by the UFC’s all-time leader in knockout wins but was surely a wholesome response, lightening up the mood of the audience.

The Houston native appeared in his 25th bout in the UFC this past Saturday against the Russian knockout artist, Sergei Pavlovich.

Though he didn’t get the result that he was after, he is determined to make a strong comeback inside the octagon later this year against another top opponent.

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