Despite First Pro Loss, Kayla Harrison Is ‘Not Done’

Harrison lost to Larissa Pachecho for the first time in her career,

Kayla Harrison think that she still has the chances of becoming the greatest female fighter.

Despite suffering her first-ever loss to Larissa Pachecho, Harrison said she is not about to let one defeat change her ultimate MMA career objective.

The Professional Fighter’s League (PFL)’s top star, 32-year-old Harrison, was awarded the starring spot for the promotion’s last event of the year at the end of November.

That occasion also marked the PFL’s entry into the Pay-Per-View market, where most MMA companies outside of the UFC have traditionally found it difficult to establish a presence. And Harrison was the promotion’s pull.

But on the night of the 2022 PFL Championships, Harrison lost to Pacheco in the main event by unanimous decision. Pacheco had previously been defeated twice by her.

“It sucks that I lost, but I’m not done,” Harrison said.

“I know that I am not anywhere close to done. I still believe that I have what it takes to be the greatest. Now it’s back to the lab again. When you fall off the horse, you don’t run away, you get back on.”

The PFL differs from other MMA organizations in that it schedules fights in a season in which competitors compete to earn points necessary to proceed to the playoffs.

Harrison already experienced success with such style when she won the lightweight championship in 2019 and 2021, and most fans believed she would add a third title to her collection in her last match against Pacheco.

Harrison chose to remain with the PFL during a highly publicized free agency period earlier this year.

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