Devin Haney Lashes Out At Actor Tom Holland And Regis Prograis

Devin Haney has slammed actor Tom Holland over his comments about his win over Vasiliy Lomachenko.

The ‘Dream’ retained his undisputed lightweight title with a unanimous-decision win over the Ukrainian.

Although that may have been the case, the verdict was criticized, with many believing that ‘Loma’ should have been given the win.

And given that Lomachenko is Holland’s favorite fighter, he had a few words to say about the decision.

Holland: “Lomachenko – did you see his last fight?

Interviewer: replied: “I haven’t no. I didn’t see it.”

Holland: “That’s an interesting one. I think the general consensus is that he won, but it was given the other way. He is my favourite boxer, but his most recent fight he lost.”

Interviewer: “How did it go against him, was it a vote?”

Holland: “It was a vote, yeah. It went against him, so I wonder whether they’ll fight again. But that’s the problem with boxing though, will they fight again? Because it’s a tricky business, unlike the UFC where if they wanna fight, they’ll fight, that’s what I love about it.”

In response, Haney went on a bizarre rant by making some comments about Holland’s girlfriend, Zendaya.

Haney and Prograis

Much in the same way, Haney and Regis Prograis exchanged some heated words over social media.

Prograis claimed that Haney would have a lot of problems regardless of whether he moved up to 140 lbs or not. 

The undisputed lightweight champion has been given until July 21st, 2023, by the WBC to decide where he goes next: either stay and fight Shakur Stevenson or face Prograis for the WBC belt.

This is particularly since Prograis’ mandatory, Sandor Martin, is due. In the meantime, Shakur Stevenson has also requested that he fight for Haney’s WBO title, despite being the WBC mandatory.

With that being said, Haney has plenty to think about as both fighters had a heated exchange. 

Regardless of what Haney does, the undisputed champion has earned the right to call the shots. But either way, the decision will bring some criticism.

Moving up would fuel claims that Haney ducked Stevenson while facing Prograis, who is coming off an underwhelming performance against Danielito Zorrilla, may not satisfy the fans.

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