Devon Brock On The Power Of Choice

For Devon Brock, facing the son of a major name in MMA/fighting history doesn’t phase him. Its not like he hasn’t done it before.

The Los Angeles born fighter steps into the Bellator cage for the second time in his pro career at Bellator 197, when he faces Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr, son of legendary street/ MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.

In his first pro fight at Bellator 192 earlier this year, Brock faced the son of the legendary Royce Gracie, Khonry. Brock was able to go the distance and take a victory from the son of the UFC cornerstone, and now he has a chance to beat another second generation fighter.

That first fight defined Devon Brock as a fighter, however it did not define Devon Brock the person. For Devon Brock, MMA was a choice and not a passion, telling FIGHT SPORTS that  “I just jumped straight into the sport to try it.”

Brock explained that a chance meeting at a gym was what brought him to his choice. “My coach at movement boxing, he was teaching my brother boxing,” said Brock. “He asked me if I wanted to try MMA, after that, I never looked back.”

Brock made the jump to become a mixed martial artist, but there were a lack of choices for him growing up in Los Angeles, saying  “life before fighting, was fighting without getting paid.”

“Local fights were a product of your environment here (Compton).”

The turnaround came for Brock when he was about 18. He would get involved with his cousin’s charity group, Fantap, an organization which was based around helping troubled teens and adults “find their way.”

Although the organization no longer exists, it gave Brock a reality check. He was working with a client who suffered from Prader-Willi Syndrome, which includes the symptom of constant hunger leading to obesity.

Seeing someone with no real choice, constantly fighting against his body. It was jarring.

At that point, Brock had a revelation that “none of us have a choice coming in this world, but we have a choice to determine what we’re going to do every day.”

Devon Brock will make the choice to head to the Family Arena in St. Louis on Friday, April 13th, and face off against Kevin Ferguson Jr. Much like that day when he walked into a movement boxing class to watch his brother spar, it is up to him what he makes of it.


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