Diaz And Masvidal Face Off In Their Final Presser

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal’s final presser was marred by controversy, with steamer Neon getting jumped.  

Masvidal and Diaz face off on Saturday in their clash at 175 pounds. The fight is a rematch of their UFC 244 fight in 2019. Masvidal won on that occasion as the fight was stopped at the end of round three, making him the first BMF Champion. Diaz’s sole boxing fight took place last year against Jake Paul, and he lost a unanimous decision.

Masvidal’s only boxing bout was in 2005, when he beat Joseph Benjamin. The build-up for the Diaz-Masvidal fight included a brawl at a prior presser. A member of Diaz’s team threw a punch at Masvidal, causing both camps to brawl. This time around, streamer Neon informed Diaz he would get knocked out. Diaz was unhappy as Neon was jumped by a member of Nate’s team following his exit from the arena. 

“There’s nothing heated for me. I’m here to do my job and get the job done. I trained hard and we’re here to win. I came here to win. By any means necessary. That’s what it’s all about. I just feel like over time, I’m getting sharper. I’m always working and improving. I’m going to do what I always do. I’m here for the fun and I’m here for the business. I’m here to get the job done,” Diaz

“My emotions won’t matter on Saturday. What matters is the training camp I’ve had for the last six months. Nothing that happened before matters to me at all. I’m just coming to knock him out. I never worry about my opponents. I focus on myself and training and what I have to do in the ring. I’m ready to get this going.

“Only thing I’ve ever brought to combat sports is violence and a little technique. That’s how I get my hand raised. I take every fight with the same amount of caution and respect. Whoever I’m fighting also has two hands. On a personal level, yeah I don’t like the dude for what happened at the last press conference. On July 6 he’s getting it. After that, training camp went from a boxing setting to a kill setting. That’s all I want to do,” Masvidal


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