Diaz: If You Call Me Out, Do It Nicely

It has been 16 months since Nate Diaz stepped inside the octagon to face Conor McGregor, and ever since then Diaz has not been in a hurry to answer any challenges.

Even when UFC titleholders Tony Ferguson and Tyron Woodley call him out, Diaz has kept his distance, waiting for the right fight and the right financial arrangement to return.

Diaz appeared on the Outside The Box podcast where he suggested that his would-be rivals are simply executing the whims of the UFC as opposed to fighting for their own reasons.

“I’m not fighting because I am a fighter. You’re fighting because someone’s telling you to fight,” Diaz said. “I’ll fight whenever the f**k I wanna fight. That’s because I’m a G,… I’m a fighter myself. I ain’t trying to do what nobody says, I’ll do what I say. And I will fight when I’m approached respectably.”

“I don’t need to fight nobody,” Diaz continued.

“I’ll fight anybody, but I don’t need to fight anybody. And the fighters are like, ‘He’s not a fighter,’ I’m like, it sounds like you’re being manipulated into trying to manipulate me into getting into a fight. Guess what? You work for somebody; I work for me. Who’s the fighter now, motherf**er?”

Ferguson, who holds the interim lightweight championship, said that he will hit Diaz with his own signature “Stockton slap” should the two ever fight, and Woodley, welterweight champion, made it known in interviews that he accepted a UFC 219 title fight with Diaz on December 30th, and talks fizzled.

Those mentions were not enough to coax Diaz out of inactivity and he’s waiting for a respectful challenge – and a reasonable paycheck – before making any plans for 2018.

“Ask nicely, motherf**ers. Ask nicely,” Diaz said.

“I’m talking about the organization, the fighters. And make it a big deal, because I’m not trying to just sign a contract just because it’s a good idea for you guys.”

As for the oft-discussed trilogy bout with McGregor (the two men each hold a win over the other), Diaz remained as coy as ever.

“Time will tell. I don’t know right now,” Diaz said. “There’s talk. They (the UFC) call me, we talk about things, but I think what’s happening is they want me to ask, and beg, and I don’t need nothing from nobody. I don’t need nothing from anybody.”

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