Diaz-Poirier Want 165lb Title At UFC 230

While there is no official main event for UFC 230, Dustin Poirier has told the UFC to stop chasing one, when they have a main event fight already booked… Just needs a twist

Poirier took to Twitter on Tuesday night and claimed his UFC 230 fight with a returning Nate Diaz should be a five round main event, and that its where the UFC should crown its first 165-pound champion.

Soon after Poirier’s tweet, Diaz would jump on the platform and announce it as fact, in a possible attempt to bait the UFC into making it happen.

Poirier seems to confirm it in a way by following up Diaz’ tweet a few minutes later.

Even with that push, Dana White has made it clear to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that any plans for a 165-pound division beginning at UFC 230 are in-fact, false.



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