Diaz vs. McGregor 3? Diaz Says He Has Unifinished Business With Conor

One of the most highly anticipated trilogy fights might happen between Nate Diaz and Conor ‘The Notorious” McGregor.

At UFC 279, Diaz will fight Chimaev, but at some point in their career, Diaz believes they will face each other again.

“The timing’s not on right now,” Diaz said to Inside Fighting. “We’ll worry about that later. It’s for sure going to happen at some point. … We ain’t going nowhere.”

Diaz and McGregor fought twice. In their first bout, Diaz shocked the world and earned a second-round submission victory against The Notorious.

The rematch was scheduled immediately, and McGregor prepared well for that bout. In a close 5 round battle, McGregor earned a split decision victory over Stockton’s gangster.

It is 1-1 between these athletes, and their trilogy, although delayed, is now only a matter of time according to Diaz.

“This fight right here that I’ve got coming up is brought to you by Real Fight Inc,” Diaz said. “The UFC is pushing their fighter on me – not with me, but against me. So this is the first real fight event that we’ve got right now, right here.”

The fight against Khamzat is his last fight according to his contract with the UFC. Both fighters had some tough times and suffered several losses in a row. Regardless of the outcome, fans of both Diaz and McGregor are eager to see the trilogy completed.

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