Diaz Wants A Rematch With Paul Either In Boxing Or MMA

Nate Diaz wants to run things back with Jake Paul either in boxing or an MMA bout. 

The MMA star suffered a unanimous-decision loss to Paul on his pro-boxing debut in a fight where he never really got going.

‘The Problem Child’ had his best moment in the fifth round, as a left hook dropped Diaz to the floor.

Although the latter got back up, his sustained pressure was not accompanied by any meaningful punches.

And it was all summed up in the final round, as Diaz’s frustration resulted in him putting Paul in a chokehold.

In the aftermath, Paul expressed his desire for an MMA bout to level the playing field. But now Diaz has revealed that he is open to a boxing rematch or an MMA fight. 

“Right now we’re going to go home and we’re going to talk about it, and we’re going to figure out whether we want to do MMA or boxing, and then we’ll see what they want to do.

“They said they wanted to do the PFL thing, and I think that if we want to do that, we’re going to have to co-promote and do Real Fight vs. PFL, and I’m with that. But my goal is to get a rematch in any art

“We’re going to see what happens with him, see if he really wants to do that. If not, I’ll be back in this hunting him down too. Either way is fine with me,” Diaz

With Diaz entering into the latter parts of his career, a mega fight with Paul will no doubt secure those lucrative opportunities from crossover events.

While Diaz is still keen on a UFC return, for now, he has plenty of options with Paul moving forward.  

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