Did Podcast Host Set Up Colby Covington?

Some people are speculating that a podcaster might be the reason behind Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington’s street altercation.

Podcaster Bob Menery’s FULL SEND co-host Kyle Forgeard accused Menery of texting Masvidal while they were out with Covington at Miami’s Papi Steak Restaurant.

“Just a little disclaimer for all the UFC fans, I know you guys saw what happened with the whole restaurant shit with Colby and Masvidal. Bob Menery actually set Colby up. So I did see him texting Masvidal while we were at dinner with Colby. So now that I think about it, something really isn’t adding up. So I don’t know. I think Bob set him up.”

Masvidal is reportedly being accused of felony battery after a police report said he attacked Covington, his former teammate and sparring partner, who he fought earlier this month, which Covington won via unanimous decision.

The alleged incident left Covington with a fractured tooth and bruised wrist.

Masvidal was arrested but was released on bond. He pleaded not guilty and is expected to be arraigned on April 21.

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