Diego Sanchez Files Appeal With Athletic Commission To Overturn BKFC Loss

Diego Sanchez moving forward to appeal his loss to Austin Trout at BKFC KnuckleMania 3.

The Sanchez versus Trout fight that occurred on Friday, February 17th was stopped in the fourth round upon the advice of the ringside physician due to the lacerations that Sanchez had suffered.

Sanchez accused Trout’s team of extreme use of Vaseline, otherwise known as “greasing”. Sanchez feels that he was cheated in this match due to the overuse of Vaseline as he had planned on using his ability in the clinch to tie up his opponent, and then deliver close range shots.

In order to have his loss overturned, Sanchez and his team have filed an appeal with the New Mexico Athletic Commission (NMAC), which will hold its next hearing in March.

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