Dillan Whyte Picks Second-Tier Heavyweight Over Charles Martin As Next Opponent

WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillan Whyte has affirmed that he wants to lock horns against Jermaine Franklin next. They will probably fight in August in the US. The decision is a bit odd considering that Whyte’s next potential opponent is not well-known in the US. Franklin is not even in the top 15 of boxing’s four sanctioning bodies.

While combing through the list of heavyweights, Whyte has made it clear that he does not intend on boxing former IBF heavyweight champion Charles ‘Prince’ Martin (28-2-1).

Not only does Whyte have “no interest” in taking on Martin, but the 35-year-old champion has said that Martin is only eager to take on him for money.

“It sounds like Charles Martin is up to his old tricks and is desperate for a payday to keep him going. Nothing he says worries me in the slightest. Ravings of a deluded fool,” Dillian Whyte told Sky Sports.
“He’s not a guy where you sit there and think, ‘wow, Charles Martin wants to fight me.’ He’s a useless bum, really.”

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