Dillashaw Gets Personal With Garbrandt

Ahead of the grudge match between former teammates turned enemies Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw, much has been made of the rumored video of Garbrandt knocking out Dillashaw in practice back in the day. Dillashaw claims that the tape does not exist, and if it does then Garbrandt may as well release it, because it won’t change the outcome of their July title fight.

But Garbrandt, who won the bantamweight title in December, has continued to tease the existence of this supposed knockout tape. He and Team Alpha Male coach Justin Bucholtz have even discussed the idea of selling the tape to TMZ for $50,000. Most recently, Garbrandt took to Instagram and told Dillashaw to pick a charity for them to donate the money the tape generates to.

“I told him to go for it," Dillashaw said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. "Release it, because I, for one, don’t believe it and even if he did, I agree with Matt, I think it’s petty. I think they’re reaching. It’s something like, we put this time and sweat and tears into the gym, and he’s got this one clip of him doing good. What about the 70% of the time that I was doing awesome that [Justin] Buchholz has footage of? You know what, I could care less what happened then. I get to make, on pay-per-view, some film of me beating Cody’s ass that the world’s going to see and I’m going to make a lot more than selling it to TMZ. So they can do whatever they want with the practice room because we all know how it went down. So I could care less. Release the footage."

As for Garbrandt’s challenge to pick a charity, Dillashaw fired back with an unexpectedly personal dig.

"The charity should be something for kids without fathers so they don’t grow up to act like Cody.”

Garbrandt’s upbringing without his father was highly publicized during the buildup to his title fight with Dominick Cruz, who also picked at the soft spot to anger the young fighter.

Dillashaw and Garbrandt served as coaches for the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, which recently finished filming. If the first aired episode is any indication, Garbrandt is proving once again to be easy to rile up and create altercations.

“The guy’s a hot head," Dillashaw said. "He wants to start drama but he’s not witty enough to make good comebacks so he wants to create conflict and get aggressive. He’s just not a good person.”

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