Dillashaw’s Manager: Cejudo Rematch Must Happen

After losing in under a minute, T.J. Dillashaw is looking for a rematch against Henry Cejudo, whether its running back at flyweight or for Dillashaw’s bantamweight title.

He doesn’t care whether it’s at flyweight for Henry Cejudo’s title again, or if it’s at bantamweight – with Dillashaw’s belt on the line. But Tiki Ghosn thinks the two need to boot it up once again.

“I think it definitely needs to be run back,” Dillashaw’s manager Tiki Ghosn told MMAJunkie Radio on Monday. “It needs to be run back at whatever weight – it just needs to happen again.”

“The whole thing is unfortunate – it sucks – and that’s not to take anything away from Cejudo,” Ghosn said of the 32-second defeat that Dillashaw and even UFC President Dana White considered to be an early stoppage. “Being a fighter, I know what these guys go through. I know they’re both prepared and trained their asses off for it. And if it was the flipside, too, and it was the other way around, it would suck. The whole thing’s unfortunate.

“As a fighter, you want to go until you can’t possibly go anymore. If it was one of those situations where he was knocked out cold, laying on the floor, there woulnd’t be any controversy. The controversial part of this is that they were still in the scramble. Yes, T.J. was in bad position and he had an Olympic wrestler on top of him. But this is MMA and T.J. scrambled out of some bad situations like that, like when he fought Cody (Garbrandt the first time). He came back and finished him.”

“Here’s the question, and here’s the challenge: If Henry wants to save the 125 division, then I think the rematch needs to happen at 125,” Ghosn said. “You could say (he already saved the division), except for the controversial stoppage.

“There are two ways to look at it: Did Henry Cejudo earn his chance to become a double champ? Yeah, I think he did. But it just comes down to what (Cejudo) wants to do moving forward. What are they going to do with the 125-pound division? That’s the catch.”

Quotes Via MMA Junkie

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