Dillon Danis Says He Was Attacked By Nine Guys At Bar

Conor McGregor’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach and Bellator welterweight Dillon Danis had a scuffle with a security team outside a Jersey Shore bar back in September, which ended with Danis being choked out by a bouncer.

Danis has finally broken his silence on the incident, and said he has a different opinion of the event than the actual information that came out afterward.

“Actually (the bouncer) is under investigation. He might go to jail. It is what it is, and you know the crazy thing about this, is that the guy wasn’t even involved in any of this… Basically what happened is one of my best friends since I was 13 was getting married down the shore… We were all drinking, great time,” Danis said.

“(The wedding) ended at 10 o’clock so we were like okay let’s go to the city. So we were going to go to Manhattan, but he was like ‘Oh a couple of my family members are at this bar down the street, can we just stop there first?’ So I was like alright, that’s fine, whatever… This was place was like the f—king sh—iest place we’ve ever seen in our f—king life…”

Danis said what followed was some guys talking “sh—t” to his friends.

“They start going at everybody and I’m like ‘Come on.’ Then they bring a bunch of the bartenders from inside and it’s like nine people, I swear to god, and they surround me,” he added.

“So it’s like nine people on me and I’m in a leg brace and not allowed to train my foot… So they all start circling me… I’m like this is not the time to fight, my best friend just got married, and I’m like in a good mood, I’m trying to get girls, I’m chilling, there’s no point in this…”

The investigation is still ongoing. The bouncer is reportedly in custody while Danis was charged with disorderly conduct for his alleged involvement in the brawl.

The charge can carry a potential sentence of up to six months in jail, fines and probation.

Danis hasn’t fought in the Bellator cage since 2019.

He suffered a knee injury while helping McGregor prepare for UFC 246. He had to have surgery two months later.

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