UPDATED: Dillon Danis Strikes Logan Paul with Microphone, Fight Still On!

It appears the fight is still on! Despite claims of suffering a “serious cut.” Logan Paul has assured fans on social media that his fight against Dillon Danis, the co-main event to Tommy Fury vs KSI, will go on as planned.

Get your popcorn ready!


Below is the original version prior to the update provided by Logan Paul at 3:18 PM ET


The volatility building between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis finally burst as Paul and Danis each flung objects at each other. Danis was struck in the midsection by a water bottle and returned the favor by ejecting a microphone toward Paul’s head. This comes just two days ahead of their scheduled boxing match at the Misfits Boxing pre-fight press conference.

Security rushed to keep them separated as Danis charged Paul, ready to throw down, two days before prior to their scheduled fight. Members of the security team had to continue pushing Danis backward as he tried to get at Paul before everyone ultimately cleared the stage.

Speculation on the status of Paul vs Danis being off increased when Danis and backup fighter Mike Perry, faced off in the ring. There has been no official confirmation from Misfits Boxing, DAZN, PRIME, or Logan Paul at this time.

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