Dirrell Might Retire Even With Title Win

On the verge of winning his second world championship, 34-year old, Anthony Dirrell is wondering if it is time to walk away from boxing.

The 34-year old father of three will stand across from Avni Yildirim for the vacant WBO super middleweight title on February 23rd in Minneapolis, but after boxing in some form for 25-years, he is hoping to win a world title and then walk away..

“I’m ready for this,” Dirrell told ESPN this week. “I’ve been training hard. I work in the gym all the time. I’m really prepared mentally and physically and prepared to go in and put on a good show. I always wanted another shot. I even wanted a rematch with Jack to avenge the loss. I gave him a shot. He didn’t return the favor, but it is what it is. I actually thought I won that fight but I give him all the credit. He did what he was supposed to do. I thought I won and moved on from there.

“You keep fighting to get another shot. I knew I would get another shot. It was just a matter of when.”

When it comes to retirement, Dirrell admitted to Dan Rafael that “it will be tough.”

“You got to get out before this game puts you out. I always said I wanted to retire at 34. Now I am 34. I don’t want to be an old guy who can’t pronounce something and has trouble. I want to start a new chapter. It’s almost time for me to get out. Almost, but not quite. But I got a family. I got kids. I am missing their basketball games when I am at training camp.”

“Boxing is not my only income, Dirrell said. “I invested my money well but you are always conflicted. I’ve been doing this since I was 9. It will be hard to let go. You got to really think about it.”


Initial Report: ESPN

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