Division Will Start “With Cyborg or Not”

The tale of Cris Cyborg and her relationship with the UFC has been quite interesting. She’s only fought twice in the organization, mainly sticking with Invicta FC, but many fans still ask to this day about a potential dream bout between her and Ronda Rousey.

But at the center of everything has been Cyborg’s weight cutting issues. Cyborg competes at featherweight normally, but the heaviest division the UFC offers for women is bantamweight, which would require Cyborg to drop an additional 10 pounds. Both of Cyborg’s two UFC bouts have been at a catchweight of 140 pounds, and it’s been documented how much she struggles just to make that weight.

Cyborg has been vocal about the UFC and President Dana White not giving her the same kind of treatment Rousey gets, and claimed she was told there wasn’t enough talent to get one started. She went on to say that if the UFC did not create a 145-pound women’s division, she may never compete in the UFC ever again.

But in a recent interview, White said that Cyborg was offered two chances to fight for a brand-new UFC women’s featherweight championship but turned it down both times. Furthermore, White claimed a 145-pound women’s division is in the works and it will start up regardless of if Cyborg is with them or not.

"The first fight, she said she only had eight weeks and that wasn’t enough time to make 145 pounds," White said. "And then she gave no reason for the second time. But the answer is yes. The answer is yes, we’re going to make a 145-pound division, whether it’s with Cyborg or not."

Bloody Elbow reports that Cyborg will be taking time off from the UFC until the spring to recover from what she describes as a severe weight cut and issues with depression. It is unknown what the fate is for the potential new UFC division during this time period.

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