Dominick Reyes Doesn’t Want UFC To Cut Jon Jones After Arrest

UFC star Dominick Reyes doesn’t want the UFC to cut former light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, after the fighter was arrested and charged with domestic violence last month.

He showed genuine concern for Jones and admitted that his actions hurt the UFC’s reputation too.

“That is definitely not okay, it is not a good look for anyone involved, whether it’s the organization, whether it’s Jon, or whether it’s his family. No matter what, it’s all bad,” Reyes told Fanatic Views.

Reyes, who lost to Jones in their title showdown in February 2020, is looking to get his rematch too. Though Reyes lost via decision, many thought that he had done just enough to beat Jones.

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“I have this, keep this guy around so I can beat him up again kind of thing,” Reyes said. “Overall, not a lot of words on it man, it’s just not a good look. Being one of the greatest of all time and doing all that, man, get over it. I don’t understand why.”

Jones has, however, changed divisions a long time ago.

He’s bulking to reach 255lbs and try a hand at the UFC heavyweight strap. Reyes has a similar plan to meet Jones inside the cage again.

“Well, as my body changes and adapts, I’ll gain more weight and become a bigger person overall, maybe I will end up in the heavyweight division by the end of this whole thing,” he said.

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