Don Madge Talks Move From EFC To UFC

The “Magic Man” has disappeared from the EFC, as Don Madge vacated his EFC lightweight title last week and officially signed with the UFC.

Speaking exclusively with FIGHT SPORTS about the move, Madge said the process of joining the UFC began when he signed with new management in August of last year. His new management created in-roads that opened the door to train with UFC Women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg for her UFC 219 win against Holly Holm.

Madge, who has won his last four fights, was scheduled to face Gavin Hughes on March 31st at EFC 68, but since relinquishing the belt will step away from the EFC. Madge said that he is not sure when he’ll debut, but is excited at the chance to prove himself all over again.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to show my skills, I believe I’m one of the best lightweight fighters in the world.”

While joining a new promotion weighs on a fighters mind, Madge experienced the atmosphere of the UFC while training with Cyborg, and he learned from her incredible work ethic, claiming that “She works hard and even though she is he champ, she works harder than most contenders!”

The transition may be difficult for Madge after spending his entire seven-year career as a pro on the EFC roster. However, being part of Cyborg’s full camp and seeing the process that a main event level fighter goes through, gave him a good understanding of what the UFC will be like as he prepares to step to the next level.

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