Donald Cerrone Has Weight Off His Shoulders After UFC 276 Retirement

Donald Cerrone experienced a mixed bag of emotions after announcing his retirement on Saturday at UFC 276.

While Cerrone didn’t hide the fact his retirement was approaching, many did not expect it to arrive so soon. The sound of both disappointment and appreciation from fans who grew to adore the fighter could be heard as Cerrone took off his cowboy hat and gloves in the center of the cage after his loss to Jim Miller at T-Mobile Arena.

However, fans were not the only ones dealing with mixed emotions, as Cerrone stated that he knew his next fight would be his last since January.

“This sport is crazy. It’s the highest highs and the lowest lows,” Cerrone told MMA Junkie. “I just feel probably the best I’ve felt in my career at my lowest right now, if that makes any sense. It was important for me to go out with Joe (Rogan) and Bruce (Buffer) in the cage. I started with them. It’s such an iconic thing here in Vegas.”

Cerrone stated that retirement has brought him a lot of relief, and there is no longer as much weight on his shoulders now that his MMA career is behind him.

“I feel like the biggest sigh of relief I’ve ever had in my life,” Cerrone said. “Like, ‘Ho-ha, we’re done.’ Now it’s off to the next chapter. I’ll be back. I’ll come hang out and watch fights, talk to the young generation about all the things I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, should’ve done, and maybe I’ll get an itch in two years. Who knows? Any time soon? Hell to the no. I’m going off to make some movies. I’ve got race cars I’ve got to race next weekend. We’ll get in a race car and go play and go to the lake house with my wife.”

Cerrone lost by submission and subsequently ended his career, but he said Saturday is tied with his UFC signing for his favorite career moment due to his fans being there to support his decision.

“I must’ve done something right along my career somewhere to get the crowd to love me as they do,” Cerrone said. “Thank you to everyone so much who’s been there and supported me. Even those who haven’t supported me, they keep you hungry, too. The guys who are sitting at home making messages on your thing. They help motivate me also. Thank you to you (media), as well.”

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