Donald Trump Refuses To Say Who Is Better: Covington Or Masvidal

Former US president Donald Trump refused to pick between his favorite two fighters, Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal.

Both MMA stars have expressed their admiration for Trump, something which he has acknowledged. Trump did thank Masvidal for his efforts in Miami, which helped Trump’s electoral success in the area. 

“He was a fan of me politically and it made a big difference, I did phenomenally well in Miami and in all of Florida with the Hispanic population and I credit a lot of that to Jorge,” Trump

Meanwhile, Covington was known for wearing the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan on his caps. 

However, outside of that, Masvidal and Covington do have history in the cage. Their rivalry came to a head at UFC 272 which Covington won by a unanimous decision.

That was Masvidal’s last fight, as he went on to retire from the sport. Naturally, Trump’s loyalty was divided when he was asked about his opinions on the two fighters.

And in true presidential style, Trump remained diplomatic by not choosing one over the other.

“They had a fight with Colby, who I really like too, you know Colby, those two don’t like each other too. Colby is a MAGA guy, he walks into the ring sometimes wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and he’s got a great fight coming up [with Leon Edwards].

“I don’t love it [being asked to choose between Covington and Masvidal], I hate to give that kind of an answer too,” Trump stated 

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