Douglas On Ruiz Jr: “It Takes Me Back”

Twenty nine years after Buster Douglas shocked the world in the Tokyo Dome against Mike Tyson, Andy Ruiz Jr would stop Anthony Joshua in the seventh round inside Madison Square Garden.

“I think it was a great fight, man,” former world heavyweight champion, Douglas told TMZ. “It was a big upset. An upset is an upset. Ruiz came to fight, Andy came to get it and he got it. Despite all the obstacles that were laying there in front of him that were against him, that he had no chance of winning, and he went out there and did the impossible,” Douglas told TMZ.



“The man believed in what he was doing. He believed in himself despite all the naysayers… It’s a lot of similarities there [with my win over Tyson]. I’m just happy for him, and wish him all the best. It definitely takes me back. It’s like I kinda relate to what they’re going through, the emotion that they’re feeling going into the fight. ‘I’mma show them tonight!’ I felt like running [after he won]!


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