Du Plessis Doubles Down On His ‘Controversial’ African Comments Towards Adesanya-‘We Are Africa’

Dricus du Plessis is standing firm in his verbal confrontation with Israel Adesanya and has cast doubts on the legitimacy of the new champion. 

Du Plessis had made a sudden outburst directed towards Adesanya and Francis Ngannou by claiming that he would be the first person to bring a championship belt to Africa. 

Since then, Adesanya won back his middleweight championship by defeating Alex Pereira. In response to Du Plessis’ comments, Adesanya vowed to take him down. 

“I don’t wanna give [him] clout. I don’t. I wanna whoop his a** so bad. I wanna whoop his a** so bad. I wanna do it in South Africa, or Nigeria.

“But he’s got to do work, he’s got to do something, show me something, so I can whoop that a** and I can show you history. ‘But if he does work and, and, I pray to God, he keeps winning, I will gladly drag his carcass across South Africa,” Adesanya

Adesanya, the newly crowned champion, could face Du Plessis at some point in the future. This potential matchup could, therefore, benefit from the existing animosity.

And even though Du Plessis faced a lot of backlash for his remarks, he has not backed down from his position. His following comments confirmed as much.


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