Dusko Todorovic Suffered Gruesome Injury Before UFC Vegas 44

Dusko Todorovic suffered a severe injury before fighting with Maki Pitolo at UFC on ESPN 31.

Todorovic (11-2) said he reinjured an injury from a car accident over the summer just moments before he entered the octagon.

“My leg gave up on me during the warmup for the fight,” he told MMA Junkie. “It snapped pretty hard as it slipped off the makeshift warmup tatami, so that was another obstacle I had to go over before actually crossing gloves with Maki.”

“Those things occurred to me pretty often, you know, where my foot would just go ‘snap’ and get swollen and hurt a couple of days, and I got used to it, but to happen right before a fight – and the fight that’s so important for me – I got pissed, man.”

The 27-year-old said he was hit by a car at the end of July. A man ran over him while he was crossing and it “messed up my left leg pretty good.”

“I couldn’t, you know, use my foot the right way, so there were definitely lots of setbacks during this camp and difficulties, all regarding that injury. I didn’t want to talk with anyone about it. I didn’t let even my family know. Just my girl knew, so yeah, it was pretty crazy,” he said.

Todorovic still managed to earn a first-round TKO victory against Pitolo.

Todorovic suffered two losses in a row after his debut victory, and Pitolo had four losses in his last five bouts. The win gave Todorovic a chance of staying in the promotion.

“I want to stay active, but I need to take care of this because it’s not a light injury, especially after a car hit me,” Todorovic said. “The wounds, itself, closed up maybe a month-and-a-half ago, so it’s still pretty fresh.”

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