Dustin Poirier Doesn’t Care What Conor McGregor Says, Stays Focus On Title Fight

Dustin Poirier had the opportunity to fight for the title, but instead, he chose the trilogy with McGregor, which was a money fight for him. However, in late 2021 he has his chance of winning the title against Charles Oliveira.

McGregor has said he’s going to fight for the lightweight title as soon as he recovers, but Poirier does not care what McGregor says.

“As far as right now, for sure (McGregor feud is in the past)… I’m not even thinking about that. But he says a lot of sh-t, you know. Keep talking,” he said.

The score between McGregor and Poirier is 2-1 for the Diamond.

In early 2021, they fought a rematch in different weight categories, and Poirier served the knockout to McGregor in the second round. In their trilogy bout, the Irishman suffered a broken tibia, and Poirier earned another TKO loss.

Poirier also said that he is not underestimating Oliveira’s powers.

“I don’t like that (people underestimating Oliveira). I don’t wanna get caught up in that mindset. A fight is a fight. This guy is very dangerous,” Poirier said.

“He has so many finishes in the UFC, so much experience, and I’m not putting that aside. This is a huge fight for him, for his legacy; for me, for my legacy.”

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