Dustin Poirier Reacts To An Insulting Sign At Mardi Gras Parade

Dustin Poirier, the former UFC interim lightweight champion, was the victim of a nasty prank by a disrespectful individual while his wife and daughter were by his side.

This past weekend, during a Mardi Gras parade in Youngsville, Louisiana, Poirier was riding on a float with his wife, Jolie, and their young daughter. A man approached the float to make sure Poirier and his family got a good look at his sign, which read: “HEY DUSTIN, YOUR WIFE’S IN MY DM’S”, a clear reference to McGregor’s trash talk during the buildup to their clash in 2021.

Poirier reacted to seeing the sign by calling the man closer, so he could slap him.

In the eyes of many, Poirier reacted appropriately.

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