Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson To Star As Mark Kerr In Biopic Titled ‘The Smashing Machine’

Dwayne Johnson, known as ‘ The Rock’, will play former UFC and PRIDE fighter Mark Kerr in the biopic ‘The Smashing Machine.’ 

The Hollywood actor and WWE star is a massive fan of combat sports, notably presenting Jorge Masvidal with the BMF belt at UFC 244. The retired MMA fighter beat Nate Diaz to secure the belt. Johnson’s attendance led to suggestions that he could fight in the UFC. He shut down those claims at the UFC 244 presser as he discussed his current movie role. 

I’m proud to say that myself and Seven Bucks Productions are going to make a film about the life of one of your founding fathers, the pioneering founding fathers, ‘The Smashing Machine’ Mark Kerr. Mark Kerr’s story is such an incredible story. Here’s a guy who won the two-time heavyweight tournament in the early stages of UFC, and here’s a guy who also went over to PRIDE, (and) he had this incredible run. As many of these warriors have, and I wanted to shine a spotlight on this man,” Rock said

Johnson now has the chance to showcase an iconic fighter. Kerr was a two-time UFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion and a Pride FC Heavyweight Champion. ‘The Smashing Machine’ was initially an HBO documentary based on Kerr, which looked into his drug addiction issues. The fighter was heavily reliant on painkillers and narcotics. Benny Safdie, known for his film Uncut Gems, will direct the movie. The film is produced and financed by A24. 

“Dwayne and Benny are singular talents, and their shared vision for Mark’s inspiring story is electrifying. We are deeply honored to have their trust as collaborators in bringing this incredibly special project to life,” A24’s Noah Sacco 


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