EA Sports’ UFC 5 Teaser Trailer Hints At The Cover Athlete – Fans Think It’s Alexander Volkanovski

EA Sports’ upcoming UFC game, UFC 5, has released a trailer hinting at the athlete who will get the acclaim of being on the front cover.

The company had recently confirmed that the release of the game would occur in September. This was seen as a sequel to their 2020 MMA game, as it was initially set to be released in 2022.

However, EA Sports was also in the process of rebooting ‘Fight Night’ as the release date was pushed back. But now that it is almost here, the teaser trailer hinted at who would be on the front cover.

In the picture below, an image of an athlete can be seen without showing the face. But based on what was shown, it appears that it was Alexander Volkanovski due to the tattoo on the arm.

And since he is the featherweight champion and has the second-longest-win streak in the history of the featherweight division, he would be a worthy candidate.

And this was reflected in the comments that followed on social media.

Social Media Response


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