Eddie Alvarez Says Oscar De La Hoya Fight Is A ‘Dead Issue’

Eddie Alvarez has put a boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya on the backburner.

De La Hoya is planning to make his return to the boxing ring on July 3. His opponent has not been determined. Former UFC Lightweight Champion Alvarez said he was being strongly considered to be De La Hoya’s opponent.

While Alvarez expressed interest in the match, it appears talks are dead in the water. Here’s what “The Underground King” told reporters during a ONE on TNT 4 media event (via MMAFighting.com).

“I would say it’s a dead issue for right now. Honestly, the whole boxing-MMA thing when I watched it with Ben [Askren] and basically what I watched is a bunch of MMA fighters in the realm of boxing, who had the heart, the courage, were able to have the humility to put themselves on the line in form and skill that they’re not professionals in and go and put it out there.

“I have yet to see a boxer come do that in the MMA realm. It’s really kind bothering me and it put me off. I’d like to see the courage on the boxing side for a guy to step into the MMA realm.”

FIGHT SPORTS will keep you updated when information on Oscar De La Hoya’s opponent becomes available.

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