Eddie Hall Injures Bicep, Pulls Out From Thor Bjornsson Bout

Former strongman Eddie Hall has withdrawn from the highly-anticipated boxing bout against current strongman has Thor Bjornsson after suffering a gruesome bicep injury during training. The British star was scheduled to lock horns with his Icelandic opponent on September 18 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville.

The Beast is on his way to recovery after undergoing surgery for his detached bicep. He is likely to box in March or April 2022.

The event adviser, MTK Global, has assured that the rest of the card will take place as planned. There is a possibility that a new opponent will replace Hall to take on Bjornsson.

Bjornsson is known for his humongous physique that has helped him conquer powerlifting competitions as well as land TV show roles. Remember the Mountain from the Game of Thrones?

He is the first person in history to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic, Europe’s Strongest Man and World’s Strongest Man in the same year.

Fans who had already purchased pay-per-views to catch the boxing event can use the same for when Hall vs Thor is rescheduled.

Nonetheless, they will not be charged for the original September 18th event for free. Those who bought the tickets will be allowed to refund them.

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