Eddie Hearn: Bob Arum’s Ego Is Out Of Control

Eddie Hearn has had enough of Bob Arum’s rants.

Hearn and Arum have been working together in an attempt to book a heavyweight title unification bout between champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. While Hearn insists the bout is on pace for the summer, Arum has claimed that Hearn is blowing smoke and that the fight is “dead in the water.”

During an interview with BBC Sport, Hearn fired back at Arum.

“In the coming hours or days they’ll get a copy of the contract that’s ready to go and they’ll sign.

“Bob’s ego is out of control. That sort of generation it’s all about control and power for them. Let’s all do our job. I am not looking to upset Arum, I’m just saying ‘you will get the latest version of long-form and we will get it done.’

“What is Fury going to do? Fight Deontay Wilder for a fifth of the money?

“The back and forth, I suppose it just comes with the territory of the mega-fight. To anyone listening, I really apologize for the backwards and forwards as you’re probably getting bored of it. Try and keep the faith and Bob, try to keep the faith.”

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