Eddie Hearn: Jake Paul Lawsuit Is Still Active, Picks Him To Defeat Tommy Fury

Credits Paul's team with not letting the suit hamper career decisions.

British promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that the Jake Paul lawsuit is an ongoing process. However, he believes that the social media star and his team deserve a lot of credit for not letting this situation hamper Paul’s career.

The 46-year-old has spoken in detail about the situation surrounding Paul and Fury regarding their upcoming fight.

“Everyone’s professional. At the end of the day, and I have to respect them for this, we’re not letting our relationship or what’s happened there get in the way of what’s best for the fighters, and we’d be idiots if we did. And we certainly wouldn’t be doing the right job for our clients.” Hearn said about the lawsuit with Jake Paul.

“You can’t stop a fight from happening just because me and Jake Paul have fallen out. At the end of the day, Jake said some things that he shouldn’t have, he refused to apologize, and this is the way I chose to deal with it.

“The other option is just to go and knock him out, which is not the way we conduct business, and we have a reputation in the sport that spans 40 years.

I’m not prepared to have some YouTuber or whatever it is come in and start questioning that integrity and make the most bizarre comments. People will say let it lie, but I’m not prepared to let it lie. It’s something I take seriously.

“That’s that situation, but the situation of representing our clients, that’s a good thing, and I have to respect them for that. We’re not getting on and he’s not overly involved (in the promotion), but he’s given Amanda Serrano a great opportunity on Saturday via us, and potentially against Katie Taylor, as well.”

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