Edwards Claims He’ll Fight Woodley At Conor’s Return

While Conor McGregor does not have an opponent for his self-announced return in 2020, Leon Edwards not only has a fight on the alleged card but an opponent in Tyron Woodley.

Speaking with SevereMMA.com, Edwards claimed he was near a deal to fight the former UFC welterweight champion on the January 18th card after being turned down to be a stand-in for either Nate Diaz or Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244.

“When the fight got made, when Diaz vs. Masvidal [was made], I offered the UFC that I would stay ready just in case anything like this happened,” Edwards told SevereMMA.com.

“[UFC] said that, ‘No, it should be fine, you don’t need to.’ I kind of put all my focus into December, so I asked them again in case someone from Colby or Usman fell out, but they said no again this week. So, I’m aiming towards early next year probably. Woodley would be a good fight. Let’s just see how these next two fights pan out – Masvidal and Diaz, Usman and Colby – let’s see how they play out and then I want the number one spot, if not the title shot.”

“If they give me Woodley, the talk is that it would be in America,” Edwards continued. “They said to me this week that they offered Tyron Woodley the fight for January…the same date as Conor…the same card as Conor in January. They offered us that fight for the co-main, I said, ‘Yeah,’ and whatever, so [we’ll wait and see].”


Transcribed: MMA Fighting

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